In response to the passing of Wade Welch in Pima County Detention Center

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Wade Welch was booked into the Pima County Adult Detention center on August 15, 2022. Just two days later, on August 17, reports of his death emerged. Wade is the 24th person to die in jail custody since February 2020. And the 5th person to lose their life in the jail this year. According to the Tucson Sentinel, the Pima Regional Critical Incident Team will be conducting the investigation into wade’s death, indicating that he likely died as the result of a use-of-force incident by guards.

This incident team, established March 2022. Is comprised of the Pima County Sheriffs Department and eight other police departments, including the Tucson Police Department, both University of Arizona and Pima Community College Police. And police departments of the greater Tucson area. The claim that this team will address any ‘conflict of interest ‘is puzzling. It poses as a separate entity, while being comprised of the same organizations that perpetrate the crimes this team will be in charge of investigating.

There is certainly no shortage of critique for this method its failure to bring about justice is evident all over the country. While the adequacy of this new team remains to be seen, what we do know is that the Pima County Jail continues to be deadly. Police and courts in Tucson and the surrounding areas use the jail as a catch. All solution to our city’s problems, putting our community members’ lives at risk every day. This needs to stop immediately.

Today. We remember the life of Wade Welch. His life mattered, but he was given a death sentence in the Pima County Jail. We honor his memory, we offer condolences to his family and we promise that his death will not go unanswered.

– No Jail Deaths Coalition-

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Wade’s family with funeral expenses. Please make a donation below:

Please help us bury our loving brother Wade Welch

Wade was my best friend. He was my little brother. He was a very good man. Unfortunately, his life was taken from him in the custody of the Pima County Jail.

Please help our family put him to rest.

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