Our Mission

Our mission is to demand justice for the lives lost in the Pima County Jail while working to implement alternatives to incarceration. We seek to memorialize each person the jail has stolen from us–to refuse to let any of their deaths be forgotten.

Who We Are

We are a coalition of groups and individuals driven by a desire to see an end to incarceration as a catch-all response to the problems faced by our community. We are grounded in the experiences of those who have lost family members to the jail. We are activists, we are mothers, we are fathers, we are formerly incarcerated, we are currently incarcerated. We are anyone with a sincere desire to act against the death-drive of the jail.


  1. Close the Pima County Jail
  2. Drop the charges against arrested protestors
  3. Release the names of officers involved in each death
  4. Fire all officers responsible

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