In loving memory, we carry their light in our eyes, and their fire in our hearts.

Rest easy, friends.

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Jose Flores, 61
(Jan. 23, 2023)
Yunan Mohammed Atlib Tutu, 26
(Jan. 10, 2023)


In addition to the 10 names below, a memorandum from Pima County Administrator, Jan Lesher, to the Pima County Board of Supervisors on Dec 27, 2022, revealed that 2 additional people who had been incarcerated in Pima County Jail died. Their names are currently unknown but they will never be forgotten.

Unknown, 67 (Feb. 2022)
Unknown, 55
(Apr. 2022)

Robert Tsalabounis, 38 (Dec. 16, 2022)

Amin Shaheed Muhammad Ali, 40
(Nov. 20, 2022)
Hugh Gillespie Burford, 50
(Nov. 15, 2022)
Benjamin Willhite, 41
(Oct. 6, 2022)
Terrance Salazar, 30
(Oct. 3, 2022)
Wade William Welch, 37
(Feb. 12, 1985 – Aug. 16, 2022)

Wade was born and raised in Tucson. He was an amazing son, brother, uncle, and father. He loved to help others! Wade was a hard worker and loved the outdoors.

Jonathan Leary, 33
(July 5, 2022)
Alejandro ‘Alex’ Romo, 42
(May 13, 2022)

Alex my brother it feels like I lost my best friend, I’ve cried all night.I wake up and here comes the tears again from my broken heart, now Alex can’t and doesn’t show up to bring me and the boys breakfast anymore or stop by to bring us consistent gifts, just to show how much he loves our family and always thinking of us. Like Easter he got baskets for all the kids in the family! I don’t hear his voice or his honk outside when he makes random pop up’s it’s always someone else just passing by. I don’t see him when I go to moms or anywhere. In fact I don’t want to go anywhere I am sad a lot, everything I cook and eat reminds me of him! All his belongings just here without him. This is definitely our family’s biggest loss how can I live missing him for so long? I know he misses us I can feel it. It’s so real because he was a good man! We shared a passion for fitness and milkshakes with lots of protein. I remember we were at GNC when he passed out because he was working two jobs in the heat. I was nervous because I thought I had to drive us home, but he got us home safely. Alex was my protector, His laughter was contagious and his smile is one of my favorites. Well he was everyone’s favorite all my little cousins make a joke about a Alex tortilla (burnt) or a giant spoon a Alex spoon. It’s Alex everything! I can feel the bass in his voice from outside. I always knew when it was him talking. Thank you Alex for all the life lessons you ever taught us. You were such a smart man! We love and miss you endlessly! Gone way too soon! I love you brother see you at the edge of the Galaxy.

Sylvestre Miguel Inzunza IV, 18
(Aug. 15, 2003 – Feb. 2, 2022)

Sylvestre Miguel Inzunza IV, also known as Fatty. He was young and still so full of life that this tragedy shocked us all who knew and loved him. Fatty was loved by many for the way he brought joy into their lives. If you were hurt, he would be there. If you were sad, he would make you smile. No matter the situation Fatty was kind and had a heart of gold and cared for everyone around him. He left his blessings on this earth and will never be forgotten. Hold his name as a legend who lived upon us. He was not here for long, but he lived life to the fullest and made sure to show his love regardless even if he was at his last. We carry on his name and pursue life with his blessings. 

Pedro Xavier Martinez Palacios, 24
(Aug. 12, 1997 – Jan. 14, 2022)


William Omegar, 37
(1984 – Dec. 2, 2021)
Jacob Miranda, 22
(May 15, 1999 – Oct. 11, 2021)
Sandra Judson, 71
(Oct. 9, 2021)
Zachariah Farrington, 42
(Sept. 25, 2021)
Cruz Jr. Patiño III, 22
(May 18, 1999 – Aug. 3, 2021)

Cruz was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.
He was 22 years young. He was a great human being with a beautiful personality. He was caring & loving to his family. He was protective of his loved ones like no other, especially of his mother Frances Guzman.
C.J. was a very respectful human being. He was into sports growing up and joined R.O.T.C in high school. He had goals of enlisting in the Air Force.
We love and miss him tremendously.
Sleep with our angel’s. We love you CJ.

Weldon Ellis, 55
(July 21, 2021)
Jack Dixon, 29
(June 4, 2021)
Justin Crook, 29
(May 31, 2021)
Norberto Medican Beltran, 47
(Jan. 21, 2021)
Jesus Aguilar Figueroa, 70
(Jan. 18, 2021)


Erik Cruz, 40
(Dec. 4, 2020)
Derek Razo, 45
(Oct. 23, 2020)
Ricardo Pasqual, 76
(Oct. 19, 2020)
Evan Hizer, 38
(Aug. 8, 2020)
Daniel Sellers, 32
(June 10, 2020)
Todd Ash, 50
(Feb. 10, 2020)
Hector Medrano, 27
(Sept. 6, 2020)
Ricardo Duran, 32
(March 20, 1988 – June 20, 2020)
Gregory Noriega, 58
(April 4, 2020)


Francisco Ruiz, 39
(Nov. 14, 2019)
David Maxwell, 53
(February 14, 2019)


Adam Godoy
(Oct 20, 2018)
Richard D. Piña
(Aug. 1, 1967 – Sep. 1, 2018)

Richard was the father of Richard Piña Jr., Francisco Piña, Christina Piña, Irene Madero, Anisa Ramos, Dominic Camacho, and Aracely Piña. He was also a grandfather to 6 grandchildren, and loving husband of Stephanie Piña. Richard was an outgoing, fun, loving person. The hardest thing for us to deal with is that, because of the Pima County Jails policies, he died alone at UMC Banner South with no family to console him or comfort him. The Pima County Jail did not notify us of his hospitalization until days later, after he had lost consciousness and was declared brain-dead. They waited until it was too late for us to say our goodbyes. We hope that no other family has to endure what our family and the others in NJD COALITION had to go through. Please support our cause and join us at our protests and vigils.
With reverence and love,
The Piña Family


Danny Lee Redmon


Branden Geoffrey Roth, 24
(April 19, 2017)

Branden was a new Daddy. His Son was born 2 weeks before his murder. Sadly, Branden left behind a newborn son who he never got a chance to meet.


Todd Allen Murray
(Aug. 24, 1961 – Sept. 6, 2015)


Brandon Binion, 26
(Nov. 5, 2014)





Paul Anthony Casteldeoro, 31
(Dec. 28, 2010)









Eugenio Fraijo, 35
(Aug. 7, 2002)