May 6, 2022: Pima County Sherrif’s Dept Put Pima County Jail On Lockdown

We received word today that the Sheriff’s Department has placed the jail on lockdown in anticipation of our protest tonight.


It’s an attempt to punish those who they’ve been neglecting and killing the last two years for our attempts to draw attention to the callous and brutal nature of the Pima County Jail and those in whose interests it serves.

They would prefer we ignore what they’re doing–tucked away in the shadows, out of sight. But we won’t let them.

Please come out tonight to help us shine a light on their brutality and make some noise so that our community members locked inside know they’re not forgotten!

Wear a mask, bring noisemakers, and write the National Lawyer Guild’s legal hotline (to report arrests–your own or another’s) on your body: 520-477-2654

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