“Justice For Cee Jay”. Support This Movement & Help Enact Policy Changes To Pima County Jail

Petition | Family of Cruz Patiño started this petition to Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos; Tucson Mayor Regina RomeroArizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich; Arizona Governor Doug Ducey; Arizona State House​; Arizona State Senate | change.org

Together, We Can Be The VOICE!

In The Year (2021) 11 Individuals Including Young Cee-Jay (Cruz Patino) Sadly Lost Their Life In Pima County Jail (PCJ).

Together, We Can Be The VOICE! of CeeJay & (ALL) Others Who Lost Their Precious Life. 

RIGHT NOW!, We Have A Critical Opportunity To “Shine A Light” On The Pima County Adult Detention Center (PCJ) For The Unjust, Negligent, & Unsafe Policies, Procedures, & Staff Conduct That Is Currently Taking Place. 

With Your Help!, We Can Reform, Revise, Induct, & Establish Comprehensive Policies,& Procedures That Ensure The Well-Being Of Incarcerated Human Beings (Our Loved Ones) Confined Within That DEATH-TRAP.

#WeAreHere for #JusticeReformNOW! #Rest-In-Everlasting-Peace (CeeJay) (J-Mack)(Jacob)


{P.S} Offical Media Inquiries//Or Advocate Information Can Be Sent To justice4ceejay2021@gmail.com

3 thoughts on ““Justice For Cee Jay”. Support This Movement & Help Enact Policy Changes To Pima County Jail

  1. Wow. Yea I’ve spent time in this jail in & out from 2007 & last stay in there was 6/27/21-7/26/21. The sheriff who work there would rather lock us down & not pay attention to if we are sick or we are detoxing either. They truly don’t care. Especially the ones who work on the 2nd floor & above in the towers. If you’re not in the new part of that jail or in the pod known as 2FnG if you’re an inmate you’re screwed being there

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  2. I press for Justice for ceejay the officer don’t care about no one in there and treat inmates like thier not human with no feelings or no pain and just find amusement by the inmates pain I don’t understand how they can go about thier day like that but from experience thier “cell checks” the just walk by don’t even look in just walk by and it’s sad I love u ceejay I hope u get your rest peacefully soon I’m so sorry this happened to you !!! You had nothing but sweet good intention and protected me as big brother


  3. I too have spent time in PCJC and we are treated inhumane. When detoxing off of substance you are locked down in a detox pod and hardly ever checked on. If you make noise God forbid they will call you out. One CO’s screen saver said I hate you. This woman kept us locked down her entire shift day in day out. I don’t know if she was scared or just loved to torture us because we were truly what she hated. My brother was a Sargent in PCJC. Before I was classified I was required to sign a document if something happened to me the jail was not liable I went to the hole for a physical fight. .A CO saw me on the top bunk looking out a window she was reprimanding me. In front of entire pod stated Don’t think you are going to get special treatment because your brother is a Sargent. She could of got me killed.


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